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Gonna Be At Promotions East?

June 7, 2010


Any promotional products people going to be at Promotions East in Atlantic City this week? If you are be sure to say hey!

Helping Hand Rewards will be showcasing at the brand pavilion area in booth number 2811 the next few days. Unlike many brands, we put a little twist on the whole concept of promotional products.

When most people think “promotional products” they immediately think of branded items like t-shirts, pens, frisbees, kuzis and even the occasional post-it stack. We offer products like gourmet boxes of brownies, soap and spa kits along with some jewelry items. However, it’s not the products themselves that really sets us apart: it’s the social purpose behind them.

For those of you who may not know, we partner with nine different social enterprise groups who create the products our clients use in their incentive and promotional programs. The products are made by individuals employed by the social enterprises who are receiving job and life skills training to better their lives. You can hear some personal accounts from people who have seen 180 degree life turn-arounds by checking out our YouTube channel. Nothing beats hearing the success stories not from us but from the people themselves.

Promotional products that encourage social responsibility? Say hey to us at booth #2811 to learn more!

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