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HHR Partner Spotlight: Mary Fisher

April 13, 2010


With beginnings as a television producer and as an assistant to the President of the United States, Mary Fisher is best known for her campaign for HIV and AIDS awareness. Affected personally by the AIDS virus, Fisher has traveled the world as an artist, author and ambassador for the United Nations HIV/AIDS program. From her experiences she came to one conclusion: “”Women who share poverty and AIDS can be empowered only by employment.”

Mary Fisher has now focused her efforts on income-generation projects that help AIDS-affected women earn a living, care for their families and sustain their health. Through her jewelry collection made by African women called ABATAKA (an African term for family, community and belonging) she is helping women suffering from AIDS create more sustainable lives for themselves when they may not have a chance otherwise.  

The ABATAKA Collection is a gallery of hand-crafted bracelets, designed by Fisher and hand-crocheted by African women who receive all the profits from bracelet sales. What item from this collection has gotten a lot of attention lately? The Assisi bracelet has recently risen among the ranks, quickly becoming the most popular redeemer for incentive and corporate gifting programs.

Learn more about Mary Fisher and their products by visiting

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