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Rewarding More Than Just Athletes In Vancouver

February 17, 2010


You’re a corporate sponsor of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Great! Are you a socially responsible partner? Even better.

The Vancouver Olympics are making social responsibility a priority for their corporate sponsors. On the official website, partners who have incorporated social responsibility and/or sustainability into their Olympic business plan get an extra PR boost for their contribution. The Games this year are trying to not just highlight athletic achievement but also the social good being done behind the scenes.

Social enterprise groups have also found a way onto the Olympic scene. According to an article on the Ventureneer website, an organization called the RONA 2010 Fabrication Shop has found its way into contributing to the Olympic effort. This enterprise specializes in giving employment to those individuals finding difficulty “attaching themselves to the workforce.” All the podiums, wheel chair ramps, ski racks and other related things have been built by this socially minded organization. The Ventureneer article also goes on to explain even more ways social responsibility has made its way onto the international scene.

Social responsibility is getting more international attention. Check out some of our international social enterprise partners.

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