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Love All. Serve All.

January 18, 2010


How does rocking out help out those in need? Hard Rock Cafe has found a way.

Turns out that “Save the Planet” slogan seen in its stores isn’t just for decoration.

Standing behind its “Love All-Serve All” statement, Hard Rock CEO Hamish Dodds uses the company’s resources to partner with numerous philanthropic organizations around the world. Domestically, a Hard Rock Hotel in Biloxi, MS took action helping those less fortunate around the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After receiving new linens for their guest rooms, the hotel decided to distribute their 636 sets of hardly used linens to various organizations across the coast instead of just tossing them away like normal.

Recently, the chain has taken a huge role in aiding World Hunger Year, using celebrities to draw attention and support in the fight against hunger (no, Bono is not in the above video). The video above and another on this page explains more about the program and its results.

Hard Rock isn’t the only company using their resources to achieve social good and give back. What other examples of corporate social responsibility have you seen out there?

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